Kalpalinna accommodates motor homes and campers

For those arriving with motor homes and caravans or planning to camp out during the FIN5, the accommodation supply was markedly improved as the FIN5 Orienteering Week and Calpis Caravan Center agreed on using the Kalpalinna area (10km southward from Hämeenlinna) for FIN5 accommodation.

In the Kalpalinna area, there is room for over 150 motor homes or caravans with 100 of the accommodation points electrified. There is also room for over tents.

Kalpalinna provides all the basic services for travellers, such as showers, toilets, washing-up places, saunas, chemical toilet emptying places, several water points, café and restaurant and waste management services.

An electrified camping place costs €15 per day, whereas an unelectrified place costs €12 per day. A tent for up to 4 persons can be pitched for a day at the charge of €10.

An accommodation place can be reserved by emailing to info(at)kalpalinna.com, phoning to +358 3 688 1484, or faxing to +358 3 688 1276.

For more information, visit www.kalpalinna.com.

10.04.2009 klo 13:24
Tuulonen  Hämeenlinna  Kultakeskus Pohjola Veikkaus