Fin5 offers plenty of activities for your holiday

The organizers of the Fin5 Orienteering Week in Hämeenlinna (12-17 July) are observing closely the number of the registrants, as the present state of the global economy may well affect the amount of registrants – negatively or positively.

- The number of the foreign registrants may be declining. On the other hand, the number of the Finnish orienteers on the Fin5 may well be increasing, as the Finns are looking for more affordable alternatives for their summer holiday, says Tapani Koskela, the chairman of the Fin5 Organizing Committee.

According to Koskela, the central location and the vast diversity of events and services of the Hämeenlinna region are the main assets of the Fin5 organizers.

- We are organizing this event in the demographic center of Finland; in other words, this is the place at the shortest average distance from all the Finns. This translates into minimal travelling costs.

Finding an appropriate accommodation for the Fin5 is easy, as there are several affordable alternatives to choose from.

We have everything!

Tapani Koskela encourages orienteers to experience Fin5 with their families, because there are plenty of activities for the non-orienteers, too – for example, Linna Jazz, Wanaja Rock Music Festival, evening markets and numerous museums and summer theatres, to name but a few. 
- On the Fin5 Orienteering Week opening day, everybody has a free entry to Linna Jazz festival main event in the Linnanpuisto park. Families can enjoy both picnic and jazz in the park during the 20th Linna Jazz, Koskela says.

Musical experiences are offered by the evening markets on Wednesdays, the Wanaja Festival rock music festival starting on the last day of the Fin5, and the musical ’Poikain huvit’ in the Hämeenlinna summer theatre.

- The Hauho Summer theatre also plays a rascal story ’Vilgot Seikkailija’ from the Finnish prohibitionary liquor law period and the Miniteatteri theater plays the classic story, Peter Pan.

The museums in Hämeenlinna and the neighbouring municipality, Hattula, are also quite unique and should be a must see for everyone visiting the Hämeenlinna area.

- It’s an endless list of different opportunities and possibilities, if you think of all the factory outlets, the first Finnish business city located in Lempäälä and the house fair in Valkeakoski, Koskela adds.

- Still, by no means have we forgotten that our priority is to organize the Fin5 as well as possible.

Tapani Koskela says that the organizing of the 2009 Fin5 has proceeded as planned. He also promises that orienteers will have positive orienteering experiences, too.

751 Registrants

By the end of January, there were 751 registered orienteers on the Fin5, representing 10 different nationalities.

- We’re quite happy with the way the registration has started. I believe that the basis of our budget for the Fin5, namely 3,000 participants, will be exceeded.

However, he will not go into detail about the total number of registrants until the start of the next registration phase in the end of March.

- Families decide on their summer holiday destinations during the winter holidays on the weeks 8 to 10, which will most probably be reflected in the number or registrants, too, Koskela reminds.

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