Control stands in place - Hauho

Hauhon Sisu volunteers built the control stands for the Days 1 & 2 of the 2009 Fin5 earlier today. All together, in the terrains of Hankalanharju and Kenkivuori-Mäkimaa in Hauho there are 140 control stands. Only about a dozen control stands and part of the control points for the children's courses are yet to be built. Emit punches and control flags will be taken to their places only few days before the competition itself.

The course setter Mikko Lepistö assures that all the courses are almost finished, although some small details have to be worked on. Mikko Lepistö also sheds some light on the courses of the next year: 'The 2009 Fin5 competitors can already prepare for long legs and varying orienteering tasks'.

The course setter at work.




19.10.2008 klo 22:02
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