The best orienteering week ever!

The 2009 Fin5 Orienteering Week organizers want to prove they can organize the most high-quality orienteering week ever in Hämeenlinna on 12 to 17 July.

The organizing clubs, Hämeenlinnan Suunnistajat and Hauhon Sisu, guarantee that this is much more than only an empty promise; both clubs have experts in all the required areas, including mapping, course setting, competition centre building, and managing big events.
These experts will be put on test on many aspects as there are all kind of different orienteers participating the Fin5. From the competitors' point of view, they all require that all the courses are sufficiently demanding and allow for a competition equal for each and every one, where as those participating just for fun want to test their skills and expect positive experiences on courses that match their skills.

In those areas where the organizers are lacking competence, they have joined forces with professionals in the Hämeenlinna area. Hämeen Matkailu Oy's skilful staff will provide high-class accommodation for the Fin5. ProAgria Häme produces and serves nourishing meals during the Fin5.

08.04.2008 klo 21:54
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