Wed 15 July Renko, Day 3

For the classes H/D21E: WC Qualification again on sprint distances, but this time mostly in forest. For other classes: long distance. The first starts are at 10:00.
The last three days share a competition centre in Renko and the courses run through 13 square kilometres of mapped terrain. These terrains are divided by a ridge-kettle topography area in the north-west to south-east direction. This varying and enjoyable terrain suffers from forest thinning works which are, however, mostly avoidable thanks to the excellent job by our course setter.

On the third day, competitors will enter a bare cliff dominated area with outstanding views to the nearby lake Haapajärvi. The rest of the courses go through a fast, easy to run moor-like terrain.

Prize-giving takes place at the Hämeenlinna Market square at 18:00.

Old map of the area.

FIN5 continued in sunny weather on Wednesday

(Hämeenlinna, Renko, 15 July at 16:55)

Sunny wednesday

Wednesday was the third day on this year's FIN5. The competition centre was moved to Renko, in the village of Asemi, and Hämeenlinnan Suunnistajat had taken the control of the FIN5 from Hauhon Sisu. On Wednesday, the terrain consisted partly of very fast pine moors, although forestry works had had their impact on the terrain, as always in the Häme region.

The WC Qualifying classes competed on shortened middle distances on very fast courses. Mats Haldin, 34, is finally back in shape and took his first victory in men. Anni-Maija Fincke mastered also the second sprint race and was fastest. Both winners had narrow winning margins of only 5 seconds.

For other classes, it was a day of long distances. The courses covered varying terrain types: from moors to the rocky hills requiring versatile skills from the runners.
The WC qualification classes had a day off and the biggest attention was on the young elite classes. In the class H20E, Petteri Huikko kept on dominating winning once again, while in the class H18E it’s a lot tighter with Oskari Mikkola  and Einari Heinaro within a minute from each other after 3 days.

In the class D20E, Heini Papinsaari who just came back from the JWOC, won today but is not competing on every day of FIN5. Hilla Lamminpää, Ok Orient, is leading in her class. In D18E, Anna Asikainen jumped from the third to the first place by winning clearly today.  She’s being chased by Mira Kaskinen and Natalia Kanko.

Finnish head coach Salmi still teasing the young

Janne Salmi couldn’t stay away from the starting line on the third day in the class H21A, although he said he’d do so on Tuesday. Salmi finished third today but has a massive lead of 5 minutes to the nearest co-competitor, Tomi Mattila.

- It was very nice. The course and the terrain were really great, except for one thicket-full area, he commented on his run.

Start 2

Start 2 at 11:20. Tiina Paasonen (D40A) is leading the pack from the start (2770).

In women’s D21A class, Mari Väisänen was back on the podium after having made a gigantic mistake on Monday. She’s leading almost 2 minutes before Anu Åkerman.

Essi Rantanen got her third straight win on the control trail course

Veeti Otsamo of HS is leading with a margin of over 3 minutes over his nearest cocompetitor in the class H10RR. In H8RR, Juuso Viskari is leading, but is followed by Kaarel Vesilind from Estonia and Mattia Gründler from Switzerland.

Essi Rantanen cruised to a comfortable win - her third in a row - in the class D10RR. In the class D8RR, Hilda Kukonlehto and Sara Kurth are almost even with only 3 seconds between them.
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Orienteer of the day - Wednesday: Jean O’Neill, Ireland, D60A

(Hämeenlinna 15 July at 20:49)
 Jean O'Neill

There are not awful many foreigners on the FIN5 this year either, only some 320 participants. Today we want to introduce you one of those orienteer enthusiasts: the only Irish runner on the week.

Jean O’Neill represents a Dublin orienteering club, Fingal Orienteers. Jean who is running in the class D60A is a multi-time Irish champion in her class. When she was younger, she was a good track runner recording the times of 57.1 on 400m and 2:09 on 800m.

How did you choose FIN5?

- Well, I visited Finland five years ago and really liked it. Also, I work for an airline company and get free stand-by flights, which was a big incentive. I’m really happy I came.

What do you think of Finnish terrains?

- They are very different from Ireland. The first day here was a bit of a shock for me as I ended on the 26th position out of 32. You see, I’m used to win races back home. But I did mistakes on the first two days, but today (Thursday) I’m quite happy with my run.

- Today the terrain was a lot faster to run than on the earlier days. And because I used to be a good runner when I was younger, I’m aiming to record the fastest time from the last control to the finish. Maybe even today.

Where are you staying in Hämeenlinna?

- I live in the Event Centre sleeping on the school floor.

Are you happy with the FIN5 services and conditions?

- Oh, the service has been excellent. Except for the lack of proper bed. But it’s okay and there are really nice people staying at the school.

Tell us about your club, Fingal Orienteers, and orienteering in Ireland?

- Fingal is quite a small, but developing club. In Ireland, though, we are a big club; we have maybe 20 active orienteers. We come from Dublin and we are the only Northern Irish club, other clubs are in Southern Dublin more closer to the Wicklow mountains area.

- Orienteering is a very small sport in Ireland. In the 3-day Irish Championships, there are about 200 runners. Most of the forests back home are man-made and then we haven open moorland. The Irish terrain are at their finest closer to the coast where there are very interesting moorland terrains.

…Unfortunately, Jean O’Neill didn't run the fastest time from the last control to the finish today losing 6 seconds to Pirjo Kurppa. Today, though, she ended on the the 15th place after having made some mistakes in the early parts of the course. Without those mistakes she believes she could have finished in the top ten.

We wish Jean good luck during the final days of FIN5!

Tuulonen  Hämeenlinna  Kultakeskus Pohjola Veikkaus