Tuesday 14.7. Hämeenlinna (rest day, classes H/D21E: Day 2)

Programme of the day: rest day for most, orienteer golfers’ Finnish Championship, and WC qualification on sprint distances (starting at 13:00) in the Hämeenlinna city park (H/D21E: Day 2 of FIN5).

Petteri Muukkonen and Anni-Maija Fincke winners on Tuesday

(Hämeenlinna 14 July at 21:25)

Muukkonen Fincke

Only the WOC qualifying classes were competing on Tuesday. Both men and women had sprint courses in the Hämeen Linna castle area.

On the 3.7km men's course Petteri Muukkonen outclasses his younger competitors winning by a margin of 18 second before another surprise name: Tuomo Mäkelä. After the first two, there were no big surprises and the third and fourth place were taken by Tuomas Tervo and Mårten Boström, both aiming for the sprint distance in the World Championships.

In the women’s class, there were no surprises as Anni-Maija Fincke, Karoliina Sundberg and Katri Lindeqvist were the expected first three. The castle area proofed to be difficult: Liisa Anttila who placed fifth lost already over a minute to Anni-Maija, which is a big gap on the 3.1km course.

Topi Anjala, Jarkko Huovila and Simo-Pekka Fincke are the first three in the class H21E after first two days. In the women's class, the first three are Karoliina Sundberg, Merja Rantanen and Katri Lindeqvist. After the first two days, there are no big differences and the race for glory on this year's FIN5 is still open.

Come and orienteer on the Control Rally course: use acrobatics and other funny skills

Hämeenlinna 14 July at 19:05

The organizers of the Control Rally (Rastiralli) course are ready for eager young participants on Friday. There are all sorts of funny and varying surprises built on different themes. The organizers are prepared for as many as a few hundred more rascals every day. 

Control Rally is for the youngest of the family. There are instructors on the controls, but the youngest may require someone to accompany them. Even those already finished their control trail courses for the day are welcome to join the fun.


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