Thu 16 July Renko, Day 4

For the classes H/D21E: WC Qualification on long distances. For other classes: middle distances. The first starts are at 10:00.

The last three days share a competition centre in Renko and the courses run through 13 square kilometres of mapped terrain. These terrains are divided by a ridge-kettle topography area in the north-west to south-east direction. This varying and enjoyable terrain suffers from forest thinning works which are, however, mostly avoidable thanks to the excellent job by our course setter.

On the day 4 of the orienteering week, competitors will have more contours to climb and the runnability of the terrain varies substantially more when compared to the third day.

Thursday: only one day left

Hämeenlinna, July 17th, 18:30

Topi Anjala Merja Rantanen

In the sunny weather, Topi Anjala (H21E) and Merja Rantanen (D21E) were the fastest on the long distance WC qualification today.  Petteri Muukkonen lost only 38 seconds to Topi, while Merja won by almost a 2-minute margin before Karoliina Sundberg.

In the men’s overall standings, Topi Anjala is leading 2:21 before Petteri Muukkonen who has a gap of 1:26 on Jarkko Huovila. We’re expecting an exciting race as the last day, tomorrow, is run as a pursuit competition.

Merja Rantanen is leading in women’s class D21E before the pursuit on Friday, she has 1:17 on Karoliina Sundberg and 4:04 on Anni-Maija Fincke.

In other classes, Petteri Huikko (H20E) can take it quite easy on Friday with a massive lead of 7:43 before Topi Penttinen after 4 days.Oskari Mikkola, however, will have to give everything tomorrow because Enari Heinaro is only 10 seconds behind him. We might be seeing a sprint finish. Lauri Nenonen is leading by a margin of 1:30 before Jermu Kujanpää before the last day in H16E.

Hilla Lamminpää (D20E) is also one those few ones who can almost be certain of winning this year’s FIN5. She has a safe margin on 13:13 on Laura Palm. Anna-Kaisa Asikainen also has 4:33 on Sonja Liukkonen in D18E, while Johanna Hulkkonen has 'only’ 1:52 on Essi Hietaoja in D16E.

Janne Salmi seems almost invincible in H21A: He has 7:41 on Tomi Mattila who is not safe yet: he has 3 guys behind him within a minute. This class is one to watch for on Friday. Mari Väisänen and Anu Åkerman also have only 1 minute between them before the final day in D21A.

Two local precious metal manufacturers, Kultakeskus and Hopeajaloste are sponsoring this year’s FIN5 and in the prize-giving tomorrow we're giving away luxury watches and jewellery for worth of over 25,000 in total.

It seems we’re getting a very warm day tomorrow, so do remember to drink well before the final day. We wish all of you luck on the 5th and final day of this year’s FIN5!

Tuulonen  Hämeenlinna  Kultakeskus Pohjola Veikkaus