Monday 13 July, Hauho (Day 2)

Kenkivuori "mountain" challenges orienteers

Hämeenlinna Mon 13.7. 10:08

The second day of this year’s FIN5 will be run on the hillsides of the hill Kenkivuori to north of the Hauho Competition Centre. On Monday, all the classes have shortened long distances. The hilltop of Kenkivuori rises 163m above the sea level. The differences in altitude and the, at places, detailed terrain offers demanding orienteering tasks especially on the longest courses. The first starts are at 10:00.

The classes H/D21E are taking a day off to recover for the qualification race of Tuesday.
The prize-giving ceremony for the first two days will be held at 19:00 in the shopping centre Tuulonen and the official FIN5 dances take place from 19:00 to 01:00 at the nearby Kapakanmäki dance hall.

Rastiketut having fun on FIN5

Hämeenlinna Mon 13.7. 12:00


On Monday, our web editors adventured into the club tent of Rastiketut where plenty of club’s orienteers were hiding from the rain. Still, the rain didn’t seem to bother the joyful Ostrobothnia people.

Rastiketut have altogether 35 runners on FIN5 this year with 20 of them in the shelter of the tent at the same time. Among others, Kaitola family – Harri, Iiro and Lauri Kaitola – and juniors Elli Ahola, Olli Haapalainen, Tiina Mäntylä and Elias Nurmi commented on the competition so far.
What are your feelings right now?

-The rain is not a problem for us, although everyone of us has yet to enter the forest today.

How did your first day go, any success?

- Lauri was fourth (H12TR)…and Maukka was third in H35A.


- That’s Tomi Savolainen, but everybody call him Maukka.

How do the Häme terrains look in the eyes of Osthrobotnians used to flat marsh terrains?

- Yesterday it was an easy-to-run and interesting terrain. The kettle areas were quite difficult, but the hills were quite easy.

Where are you staying here?

- At Timon Torppa, in Renko, where we have an old farm house with 20 of us there.
What are you doing during the week, maybe visiting Aulanko and the Hämeen Linna castle?

- We have no plans yet, but we’re definitely going to see some places tomorrow. Maybe we’ll go and see the WC qualification of sprint distances.

How about the FIN5 dances?

- Mari has dancing shoes, so she’s probably going there…and it is a rest day tomorrow anyways.

We wish best of luck for the Rastiketut orienteers for the rest of this year’s FIN5!

Second day in wet conditions

(Hämeenlinna, Tiiriö ABC service station, 13 July at 18:30)

The WOC qualification runners were lucky: they had a day off on Monday, where as for other runners it was a completely different story: rain all day long. Still, most runners had happy faces after finishing their races on the slippery hillsides of Kenkivuori – perhaps some of them were already thinking of the FIN5 dances later this evening?

In men’s class H21 only Jouni Heinonen of Valkeakosken Haka managed to beat the head coach of the Finnish national team, Janne Salmi, althouhg only by a very narrow margin of 6 seconds. Salmi is leading the total results for two days but cannot run on Wednesday due to hurries with the WC qualification organizing. Anu Åkerman from Estonia was clearly the best woman of the day in the class D21A also taking her place on the top of the pack in her class.

In other classes, we saw some overwhelming winners but also some very hard battles for the deciding seconds. Among others, in the class H40A with lots of top runners from just a few years ago Tuomo Haanpää (TP) beat one of the top orienteers of the nineties, Timo Karppinen, winning him only 5 seconds. In the corresponding women's class, Jaana Pietilä-Annala is leading the pack after two days before Anniina Paronen (+0:25) and Annamari Vierikko (+1:10).

One of the narrowest winning margins of the day was taken by Tarja Silvennoinen of Kalevan Rasti in the class D45A winning her nearest co-competitor Svetlana Berezina only by a margin of two seconds. On the other hand, in the classes H45A and H50A Reijo Bister (Rasti88), running for Hämeenlinna a few years back, and Ari Anjala (TP) crushed their co-competitors with winning margins of 4:30 and 3:08, respectively.


Jyrki Kiviniemi, HS (class H45A) trying to decide on his route choice in the wet forest. He placed 42nd today.

Altogether 2,800 runners were competing today. In the keep-fit classes, despite the rainy weather, we had 330 brave orienteer enthusiasts today. The organizers regret the poor results service for the keep-fit classes on Sunday and guarantee it won't happen again during the rest of this year's FIN5.

Control trail classes: happy faces and tough competition

Maybe the most eye-catching young runner so far has been Essi Rantanen of MS Parma in the class D10RR. Essi has won on both days and is leading over 4 minutes before Mari Ryytty of SK Vuoksi. H10RR is being dominated by Veeti Otsamo of Helsingin Suunnistajat, but our Orienteer of the day on Sunday, Antti Pasi, is also going strong finish fourth again today.

In the youngest classes the field is more even: int he class H9RR Juuso Viskari is leading 6 seconds before Ilari Haltia, in the class D9RR Siili Salo is commanding the field before Hilda Kukonlehto.

The organizers are still on the go while the runners are trying to rest for the remaining days. The Competition Centre is being moved to Renko's Rehakka terrains where the orienteering weeks goes on on Wednesday. On Tuesday, a rest day for most runners, we wish to see as many orienteering enthusiasts as possible following the WC qualification on sprint distances in the Hämeenlinna Linnanpuisto park in the midst of centuries old walls of the Hämeen Linna castle. The competition kicks of at 13:00.


Kimmo Mieskoski of Rasti-Lukko diving for the 11th place in the class H18E.

Photos of the day!

All results, split times, route gadget etc.>>

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