Friday 17 July, Renko, Day 5

In all of the elite classes, this year’s FIN5 ends with a pursuit the start list of which is decided by the total results of the first four days. In the classes H/D21E, the pursuit is no longer part of the WC Qualification and it’s run on middle distances. All other classes have long distances. In the non-elite classes the final day is run as usual; intermediate starting times apply and no pursuit. The first starts are at 9:30.

The last day offers all orienteers similar ridge-kettle type terrain, but only the longest courses are taken to the most physically demanding south-east parts. In 1984 in August, Hämeenlinnan Suunnistajat hosted the WC Qualification on long distances in the very same terrain. 25 years ago the winners were Pekka Nikulainen (men’s class, with a time of 1:32:11 on the 14.3km course) and Pirjo Mattila (women’s class, using 1:03:14 on the 7.9km long course).

The prize-giving takes place at the Competition Center a class at a time as soon as their results are final. It begins at 12:30.

Tuulonen  Hämeenlinna  Kultakeskus Pohjola Veikkaus