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During this week, the competitors, audience and those back home following the competition via Internet are being served by the FIN5 Internet editors. The men responsible for writing the stories and news are Tero Mamia and Tero Viljanen of Hämeenlinna suunnistajat, whereas the photos you are seeing on these pages are taken by Olli Ranta, Terhi Sillanpää-Reitti and Antti Örn. If you happen to come accross to an interesting story or a chance, email about it to tero.mamia(at) The latest stories can be found on the main page (here) and the older stories and news can be searched from the menu on the left.

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Anjala and Sundberg the winners of the Day 1 of FIN5

Hämeenlinna Sun 12.7. 19:05

Topi Anjala took his place at the top of the results list on the middle distance WC qualification today on FIN5. The women's race was won by Karoliina Sundberg running for Lynx, although the favourite, Merja Rantanen (KooVee), came close in the end losing by a narrow margin of 4 seconds.


Second day in wet conditions

(Hämeenlinna, Tiiriö ABC service station, 13 July at 18:30)

The WOC qualification runners were lucky: they had a day off on Monday, where as for other runners it was a completely different story: rain all day long. Still, most runners had happy faces after finishing their races on the slippery hillsides of Kenkivuori – perhaps some of them were already thinking of the FIN5 dances later this evening?


Petteri Muukkonen and Anni-Maija Fincke sprint winners

(Hämeenlinna 14 July at 21:25)

Only the WOC qualifying classes were competing on Tuesday. Both men and women had sprint courses in the Hämeen Linna castle area. 


FIN5 continued in sunny weather on Wednesday

(Hämeenlinna, Renko, 15 July at 16:55)

Sunny wednesday

Wednesday was the third day on this year's FIN5. The competition centre was moved to Renko, in the village of Asemi, and Hämeenlinnan Suunnistajat had taken the control of the FIN5 from Hauhon Sisu. Mats Haldin and Anni-Maija Fincke were the best main classes.

Thursday: only one day left

Hämeenlinna, July 17th, 18:30

In the sunny weather, Topi Anjala (H21E) and Merja Rantanen (D21E) were the fastest on the long distance WC qualification today.  Petteri Muukkonen lost only 38 seconds to Topi, while Merja won by almost a 2-minute margin before Karoliina Sundberg.


Tuulonen  Hämeenlinna  Kultakeskus Pohjola Veikkaus