World Championships Qualification 14 July 2009, sprint distance competition instructions

The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF) along with the instructions of the organizers will be followed in the sprint competition.

Classes & Distances
H21E    3,700m
D21E    3,100m

Sign Posts
The Competition Centre is the FIN5 Event Centre, which is located at the Kauriala school. The first sign posts are by the Hämeenlinna city centre junctions of the high road 3 (FIN5 Event Centre).

Maps and Control Descriptions
6-coloured sprint map July/2009 (printed), contour interval 2.5m, scale 1:5,000. The map is on display at the starting place. One of the sample maps displays the forbidden areas having violet slashes on the background, while in the other sample map, the forbidden areas are shown on the competition map.
The control descriptions are printed on the map; additionally, at the starting place there are separate control descriptions. However, there are no extra tools for attaching them.
In the control descriptions, there is a special object marked by an X which is used to describe a nameplate made of timber with the height of approx. 1m.

Terrain description
Suburban area, difference in altitude between the highest and lowest terrain points is 40m. Ground: gravel surfacing 20%, asphalt 20%, forest areas 30%, park 25%, and trails 5%.
On the ideal route choices, there is approx. 10% of stone-bedded road.

Competition outfit
Half of the competition will be run in the forest, which is why we recommend using long-legged trousers. Using spikes is strongly forbidden.

Prestart area and competition numbers
The route from the competition centre to the prestart area is marked-out with the distance of 2,300m. The prestart area must be entered at 13:15, at the latest. Competitors use the competition number they received for the first race. The prestart area is located on a yard of another school with rain shelters and toilets. The organizers will transport extra gears to the finish area in plastic bags.

The distance from the prestart area to the finish, following the marked-out route, is 600m. Competitors must be at the starting place 4 minutes before their starting times. At the starting place, there are counterfoils which the competitors must write their competitions numbers on.
For the class D21E, the fist start takes place at 13:00 with a starting interval of 1 minute. For the class H21E, the first start is at 14:21 and the starting interval similarly 1 minute.

Electronic punching card (Emit)
Emit number can be corrected, if necessary, at the Info point of the competition centre. Rental emit cards are available at the Info point.

Competitors finish their race by punching at the finish. A missing punch at the finish will result in disqualification. The finish is closed 30 minutes after the last competitor has started. Those who haven’t finished the race must register themselves at the finish and cross the finish line as usual.

In the competition centre
toilets, showers, first aid, sample control, possibility for checking Emit cards (the so called zero punch), competition restaurant. The distance from the Linnanpuisto park to the finish area is approx. 600m.

The competition area has not been closed to public traffic. Also, all the museums in the competition area are open. On the prison museum yard, there are three ports with each of them being controlled so that the museum guests are warned of approaching competitors. There is vehicular traffic in the competition area.

Forbidden areas and training
All the moats of the castle are forbidden areas and marked on the sample map as such. To improve the readability of the competition map, it has no forbidden area markings on the moats. By taking the natural route choices there is no risk for getting into the forbidden areas. Additionally, courtyards are always forbidden areas, while the roads and pavements going through the cortyards are for the competitors to use. The organizers urge the competitors to revise the sprit map objects and especially the forbidden areas.
Familiarizing oneself with the competition terrain before the competition is forbidden for the competitors as well as their supporters.

Results and prizes
The results are on display on the result board at the finish area and later in the competition centre as well as on the FIN5 web page. The winners of the sprint competition will be awarded as soon as the results are final.

Competition officials
Competition organization: FIN5 2009; results service: T:mi Kokkens (Timo Kokko)

Course setter
Reijo Honkanen, Hämeenlinnan Suunnistajat.

Supervisor (technical expert) and course controller
Jarmo Puttonen, Vaajakosken Terä

We wish you good luck for the competition!

FIN5 2009 competition organization

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