Anjala and Sundberg the winners of the Day 1 of FIN5

Topi Anjala took his place at the top of the results list on the middle distance WC qualification today on FIN5. The runners-up were slight surprises: Hannu Airila (KR), Timo Saarinen (TP) and Simo-Pekka Fincke (VeVe) took the places 2-4, respectively. The women's race was won by Karoliina Sundberg running for Lynx, although the favourite, Merja Rantanen (KooVee), came close in the end losing by a narrow margin of 4 seconds. The experienced Vroni König-Salmi (+26 s) places third today.

Organizers were happy to see as many as 3,300 runners during the Day 1 of FIN5 in the terrains of Hauho.

Topi AnjalaKaroliina Sundberg

Monday 13 July, Hauho (Day 2)

The second day of this year’s FIN5 will be run on the hillsides of the hill Kenkivuori to north of the Hauho Competition Centre. On Monday, all the classes have shortened long distances. The hilltop of Kenkivuori rises 163m above the sea level. The differences in altitude and the, at places, detailed terrain offers demanding orienteering tasks especially on the longest courses. The first starts are at 10:00.

The classes H/D21E are taking a day off to recover for the qualification race of Tuesday.

The prize-giving ceremony for the first two days will be held at 19:00 in the shopping centre Tuulonen and the official FIN5 dances take place from 19:00 to 01:00 at the nearby Kapakanmäki dance hall.

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